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Hi all, we are aware of an error with the app and notifications not clearing as they should - this is rather annoying we must admit.

An update for the app will be released by the apple and google play in the next 7 days. The new version has been build we are just waiting on both app stores to approve the changes.

Thanks for sticking with us!

We are still waiting on Apple to authorise the update release to fix the notification bug. It should be with us any day now..

Hi all, I have been ridden with with man flu for the last 5 days so just finding my feet again. Apparently for some the app wasn't working this was due to a server error.

Anyway all sorted now! We have also requested an update which will be with you all in the next 5 days which will include mainly cosmetic changes but also will provide more power over notifications.

If you have any suggestions let us know!

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