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Please use this section if you are interested in becoming a Blue Light Champion & would like more information about it. Alternatively, head over to for more information or visit the Mind Blue Light Programme website

I think I'd like to become a champion!

Police Control Room Operator, North West

Hi Rob, that's great! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as you can imagine with working shifts it sometimes takes a little while for a response. If you private message me you email address I'll get some information emailed over to you.

Becoming a champion is the best thing I ever did, seeing a chance in the way my colleagues view mental health and that they are more open about it is so rewarding and I'm sure you will get the same return with the support of all the champions on this forum

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Hi Dan, would it be alright if I send you my email also. Hopefully myself and Rob can get together soon and do some work around mental health at Lancs Constabulary. I signed up to the Time to Change scheme just before I was signed off sick from work and more recently Blue Light Champion. I think now is a good time to raise awareness and rid the stigma of mental health in the Constabulary due to the recent suicide of a front line officer.

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Hi Balders absolutely - I would love to hear from you both to explain what it's all about and how you can join in - just private message your email and I'll get in touch with you - cheers

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