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Title: Paramedic
Post by: Steph on 12 12, 2017, 21
Hi, I'm a long serving paramedic with 21+ years service, based at Runcorn. Saw the guys today at the College of paramedic conference. I think this is an amazing thing you're doing...it is ok to be effected by the job and what we see, it is not something to be ashamed of.....great job guys...#ourbluelight

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Title: Re: Paramedic
Post by: OurBlueLight on 13 13, 2017, 07
Hi Steph,

Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the forum. We are really excited to be looking at a future where health and wellbeing plays a major part in all Emergency and Essential Services.

We have given you full access to the forum - if you need help with anything please feel free to get in touch.