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Title: #OurBlueLight Forum "House Rules"
Post by: OurBlueLight on 9 09, 2016, 11
This forum is used by people with a wide variety of backgrounds, some of whom are experts in this field others who are new and looking to support their colleagues in a mentally healthy future. Whatever your experience or history we are all equals and would expect each member to be treated as such.

There are some basic ground rules that we expect members to follow in order to ensure the forum stays on the right track:

1. Introductory posts, all new members have to make an introductory post in the general discussion section, let us now who you are and your interest in this field - were kinda nosey but its a forum and its all about meeting new people. If you are a Blue Light and would like access to the Blue Light Champions section please get in touch with a moderator or post this in your introductory message.

2. No flaming, if someone has made what you consider to be an inflammatory post, instead of posting a vitriolic reply please use the 'report post' button or private message a moderator.

3. Don't feed the trolls, we don't have m/any and we'd prefer not to encourage them. The same goes for the occasional spam post that makes it's way through, please just use the report button as above and the Mod team will deal with it.

4. No slagging off other forums, business competitors or anyone really...

5. Legal threats, make them and you leave the forum. Simple as that.

6. underachieve members or Lurkers, we would love to have you engage with us - we understand that we all have different priorities but it would be good if you can join in from time to time to ensure that you are helping to shape the future of #OurBlueLight Services.

7. Under no circumstances should any member give mental health advise or tell people what to do or give 'expert' advice there's rarely one answer to a problem. We can however signpost colleagues to the Mind Blue Light Programme via the 'Need Urgent Help" section of the forum - if in doubt PM any of the forum moderators - this list can be found via the desktop forum under members section. Alternatively email team@ourbluelight.com for an urgent response - again this email address cannot be used for any advise.

8. Despite all the above, this is a friendly, family and professional forum, please enjoy it. Everyone has something to contribute.

If you have any problems you can either seek any of the ourbluelight forum moderators for support.

I hope you will enjoy using the forum and find it a valuable resource, the forum will only be as good as it's contributors so get posting!