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Title: Welcome Message to Friends & Family
Post by: paulbannisterNWAS on 7 07, 2016, 07
Hi guys and welcome to the Friends and Family forum within #ourbluelight. Welcome to the family we're glad to have you on board.......

This part of the forum is basically for friends and family of people within our countries emergency services. It's a place where relatives of our services can come together and discuss their worries, concerns, their pride in their relatives work & just general chit chat if you wish.

We would however ask a few things before posting:

1) please remember a persons anonymity is paramount. If you are discussing jobs, circumstances etc etc please please keep it anonymised, if in doubt please contact an administrator before posting.

2) never give out contact details on the open forum this is for everyone's safety

3) please note this is not a support site per se It's a place to chat informally. We will wherever possible point you in the right direction to support if you wish however we are not able to give specific support ourselves.

4) if a person feels they might need support. In the first instance please contact a champion. A list of ones in your area is available from the moderators.

5) Feel free to ask questions but please remember to be courteous to other people (I'm sure you will) and respect other people's views.

6) Moderators have the right to remove any post they feel inappropriate to the forum.

Right that's enough of the red tape and on with the discussions, chitchat & meeting new people. Feel free to introduce yourselves.......


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