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This is 2 weeks old now but we feel its warrants the first post in this new section:

Another story found today of a brave PC sharing his story of mental health issues within the emergency services.

We think case studies are powerful, how do we all feel about compiling case studies similar to Dans Story to showcase on website and also these can be shared with Mind.

I'm currently on with this at NWAS. I have a few champions names who are willing to share their stories. We've got some busy weeks ahead and then with winter pressures and Christmas coming up, realistically I think this is something to work on in January once things go quiet.

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I'm happy to share my story once I've gone through my counselling and settled a bit. Hopefully after Christmas

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Alan Phillips a detective constable & Mind Blue Light Champion from Essex Police shares his story about his mental health problems whilst serving for the force. This is an interesting and thought provoking read:

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